We need your help

Many kids are orphaned due to HIV, malaria, unsafe water and malnutrition. You can help provide an equal opportunity for life

1 in 5 women in rural villages will die in childbirth

Clean birth kits can save a woman and her baby from death for only $5

Sponsor a child for only $25 a month

Without a sponsor these kids would never had a chance to attend school

Volunteer on a mission trip abroad

Spending time with these kids and making a difference brings a kind of joy that will change your life.

Rebirth the World Mission Statement:

Our goal is to make survival opportunities equal in the world for as many women and children as we can. We achieve this by working together with you and all other human beings compelled to improve the lives of people living in vulnerable circumstances of poverty and disease. By directing our resources to one village at a time we can Rebirth the World as a whole. How can you make a difference?
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