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DSC00234  DSC00168 DSC00525 Join me for an experience of a lifetime!  Words could never express how much my life was impacted by my visits to Kenya. As a young child, I had a strong pull to watching these children on World Vision commercials. I would sit there and cry at a very young age, unaccepting of the injustice, that this was true, how could these children really live like that? My parents would turn the TV off in disbelief that I was so drawn to them.  I promised myself, that one day I would go and see this for myself.   It took many, many years for me to make that happen, in the midst of pursuing my career, raising my own children and caught up in the rat race of my own life, I did not make it out there till I was 41 years old. A trip like this is something that can’t be planned for the “right time in life” you are called to go and you go. I distinctly remember waking up one day and saying to myself “Dorothy go to Africa.”  Was the time right financially? Was it the right time to leave my business? NO it was not.  But, the calling was so great, I opened my computer and without knowing a thing, I picked a country and booked a flight.  I had no clue where I was going to go once I got there, or what I was going to do.  However, at that time, I was doing one year of midwifery studies and I knew that working with women in a rural village and bringing awareness to safe birth rights was something that interested me.  Without getting into the specifics, one thing led to another and I ended up in Matunda.  I worked with pregnant women all over the village, I was surrounded by 200 of the most beautiful children I have ever met in my life and home stayed with an amazing family that ran a school from their back yard.  I returned a few times over a couple years, I learned how to fund raise, how to help this village with sustainable living, raised funds for a water well, created a chicken farm, had new uniforms sewn all by donation, shoes and school supplies given to the children. I can’t begin to explain how this changed my life and opened me up to the simplicity of life, the truth of happiness and what true self-less giving means.

It would be the most wonderful experience of your life as well.  I can’t promise it won’t be sad or that the trip will be easy and for sure it won’t be luxurious but, I can promise you will never regret or forget the lessons you will learn.

Please join me April 2018 for a volunteer trip to Kenya, Africa.


English speaking volunteers aged 18 years and over are eligible to apply.


April 1-16, 2018

September 1-16, 2018


Volunteer placements are located in rural villages and townships within the Greater Region of Kenya


Volunteer program fees range from CDN$ 475/week plus: flight, local transportation fees and extra meals.


Between 2-4 people per trip, as this is a very personal homestay experience, I keep the group very small and personal. The option for Safari excursion is available for extra time and cost.

Contact Dorothy for more information donate@rebirththeworld.org

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